Enjoy an in-class experience of RYC™ - the online/in-studio core strengthening (& pelvic floor-loving) exercise program trusted by thousands of women around the world

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  • Strengthen your core & build a butt

  • Improve ab separation (diastasis recti)

  • Relieve back pain

  • Resolve prolapse & sneeze-pee

  • Restore confidence & whole-body strength

  • Get fit & toned without causing damage or injury

  • Effective & safe post-partum to post-menopause

Spring 4-week Level 1 series

SUNDAY NIGHTS / 7.00 - 8.30 pm
May 5—26, 2019 @Bathhurst & Centre, Thornhill, ON

Space is limited!

$120 including some props!


LATE SPRING 4-week LEVEL I series starts Tuesday May 28!

Thornhill Woods - Dufferin & Autumn Hill Blvd area

1.30-3.00 pm

Tracy’s Restore Your Core classes are so fun and informative - and a workout too! I have the online RYC™ program, and doing the classes has taken my practice to a new level.
— Lara D, Toronto

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Practice along with the RYC™ ONLINE program

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If I sneezed or coughed really hard, the tiniest bit of urine would escape from me. This was extremely disconcerting! I signed up for Tracy’s program to help my sore back, but I’ve received an unexpected bonus. Despite intense coughing and very deep sneezes, no leakage.”  -Alison A, Florida
Tracy helped me recover my core and abs after having a baby. My diastasis recti improved from three fingers to half a finger width! ” – Talia N, Toronto

What is Restore Your Core? click >

The in-person and on-line Restore Your Core program is a unique and effective blend of yoga, Pilates and corrective exercise. The RYC™ classes are surprisingly challenging (you will feel like you got a workout), but are focused on training your body to move in new and better ways, showing you how to work out smarter, not harder.

Working through the 4 levels of program, you’ll get progressively stronger, longer and more flexible, safely building a strong and reflexive core that supports you both during workouts and in your daily life.

Three ways to RYC™

  1. As a certified RYC™ teacher, come enjoy one of my RYC™ classes in Vaughan, Ontario. (Email me for schedule.)

  2. Practice daily with the online, yours-to-own RYC™ program (Buy it here.)

  3. Already love the RYC™ online program but need a trained eye to check you are doing the moves right? Book your private coaching breakthrough session or package here.

RYC™ is perfect for you, whether you are:

  • Just starting a movement practice.

  • Returning to classes after an injury, post-partum, or just life.

  • A yoga, Pilates or gym pro wanting to deepen your practice without injury.

“Listen, I’m a believer in this transformational program because it gave me back my body and my life. Now it’s your turn!”

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Although I had been practicing yoga for a long time, my core was very weak after my third child and I just couldn’t build up strength properly. Any yoga, Pilates or exercise that I did aggravated my pelvic floor and bladder stuff (which was a new thing for me- YIKES!).

So, when I found the Restore Your Core program it was a WIN-WIN - I got to enjoy a yoga flow class, while regaining core stability, real strength and ideal pelvic floor function.

I loved it so much that I traveled to Miami in 2017 to train with movement maven Lauren Ohayon to become a certified Restore Your Core teacher (see pic). And I continue to hone my skills and knowledge with hours of continuing education each year.

RYC™ is great for everyone, but it’s really beneficial and safe for those with bladder leaking, "mummy tummy" (Diastasis Recti), back pain, or pelvic floor dysfunction.

Let’s chat and see if RYC™ is right for you!

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