Learn to move easily & well. Familiar moves with a twist;
work out smarter, not harder.

Juicy Moves:

Restorative exercise

Drop-in @ Thornhill Home Studio
Mondays - 10 am

Come see what it means to get juicy, functional and strong in a way you never imagined was possible. This class is based on corrective exercise, and focuses on getting more of your parts moving so that your body can move easily and well.

This is a gym class, with a twist - both on and off the mat.


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Just Yoga:

*Poolside in Summer

Drop-in @ Thornhill Home Studio
Wednesday - 1 pm

Get back to yoga basics. This Flow Yoga class combines the best of asana practice with the most up-to-date modifications and adjustments based on sound biomechanical principles. My yoga classes are for beginner and intermediate levels.

Join us poolside in summer!


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Wow! I thought I was strong, but Tracy’s corrective exercise class worked muscles I never knew I had.
— Stacey C, Toronto
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