Restore Your Core Classes


Enjoy an in-class experience of RYC™ - the online/in-studio core strengthening (& pelvic floor-loving) exercise program trusted by thousands of women around the world

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  • Strengthen your core & build a butt

  • Improve ab separation (diastasis recti)

  • Relieve back pain

  • Resolve prolapse & sneeze-pee

  • Restore confidence & whole-body strength

  • Get fit & toned without causing damage or injury

  • Effective & safe post-partum to post-menopause

Mid-Winter 4-week
Level 1 series

SUNDAY NIGHTS / 8.00 - 9.15 pm

Feb 24 - Mar 17, 2019
@Bathhurst Centre, Thornhill ON

THURSDAY LUNCHES / 1.00 - 2.30pm

Feb 21 - Mar 14, 2019
@Bathhurst Centre, Thornhill ON


Including some props!


Spring 4-week LEVEL I series starts first week of May

Tracy’s Restore Your Core classes are so fun and informative - and a workout too! I have the online RYC™ program, and doing the classes has taken my practice to a new level.
— Lara D, Toronto

RYC™ Online Program & 1:1 Coaching

Practice along with the RYC™ ONLINE program

And message me for a $10 off coupon code!

Already love RYC™ ONLINE but need a trained eye to check you’re doing the moves right?

Book a private coaching breakthrough session or package.

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If I sneezed or coughed really hard, the tiniest bit of urine would escape from me. This was extremely disconcerting! I signed up for Tracy’s program to help my sore back, but I’ve received an unexpected bonus. Despite intense coughing and very deep sneezes, no leakage.”  -Alison A, Florida
Tracy helped me recover my core and abs after having a baby. My diastasis recti improved from three fingers to half a finger width! ” – Talia N, Toronto

What is Restore Your Core?

The in-person and on-line Restore Your Core program is a unique and effective blend of yoga, Pilates and corrective exercise. The RYC™ classes are surprisingly challenging (you will feel like you got a workout), but are focused on training your body to move in new and better ways, showing you how to work out smarter, not harder.

Working through the 4 levels of program, you’ll get progressively stronger, longer and more flexible, safely building a strong and reflexive core that supports you both during workouts and in your daily life.

Three ways to RYC™

  1. As a certified RYC™ teacher, come enjoy one of my RYC™ classes in Vaughan, Ontario. (Email me for schedule.)

  2. Practice daily with the online, yours-to-own RYC™ program (Buy it here.)

  3. Already love the RYC™ online program but need a trained eye to check you are doing the moves right? Book your private coaching breakthrough session or package here.

RYC™ is perfect for you, whether you are:

  • Just starting a movement practice.

  • Returning to classes after an injury, post-partum, or just life.

  • A yoga, Pilates or gym pro wanting to deepen your practice without injury.

“Listen, I’m a believer in this transformational program because it gave me back my body and my life. Now it’s your turn!”

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Although I had been practicing yoga for a long time, my core was very weak after my third child and I just couldn’t build up strength properly. Any yoga, Pilates or exercise that I did aggravated my pelvic floor and bladder stuff (which was a new thing for me- YIKES!).

So, when I found the Restore Your Core program it was a WIN-WIN - I got to enjoy a yoga flow class, while regaining core stability, real strength and ideal pelvic floor function.

I loved it so much that I traveled to Miami in 2017 to train with movement maven Lauren Ohayon to become a certified Restore Your Core teacher (see pic). And I continue to hone my skills and knowledge with hours of continuing education each year.

RYC™ is great for everyone, but it’s really beneficial and safe for those with bladder leaking, "mummy tummy" (Diastasis Recti), back pain, or pelvic floor dysfunction.

Let’s chat and see if RYC™ is right for you!

Group Classes


Learn to move easily & well. Familiar moves with a twist;
work out smarter, not harder.

Juicy Moves:

Corrective exercise

Drop-in @ Thornhill Home Studio
Mondays - 10 am

Come see what it means to get juicy, functional and strong in a way you never imagined was possible. This class is based on corrective exercise, and focuses on getting more of your parts moving so that your body can move easily and well.

This is a gym class, with a twist - both on and off the mat.


yoga classes richmond hill.jpg

Just Yoga:

*Poolside in Summer

Drop-in @ Thornhill Home Studio
Wednesday - 1 pm

Get back to yoga basics. This Flow Yoga class combines the best of asana practice with the most up-to-date modifications and adjustments based on sound biomechanical principles. My yoga classes are for beginner and intermediate levels.

Join us poolside in summer!


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Stacey thumb.png
Wow! I thought I was strong, but Tracy’s corrective exercise class worked muscles I never knew I had.
— Stacey C, Toronto



Workshops are a focused and fun way to explore how your body works, where you are stuck, and what you need to do to feel better. 

Upcoming Spring workshop dates and venue announced soon!

Bring your yoga mat and dress to move because my workshops are part education, part exercise - always a blast!


2.5-hour workshop

The GET TO THE CORE workshop is based on Restore Your Core, which is a whole-body exercise program to help you develop good core strength and proper pelvic floor function in a safe and sustainable way.

It is great information for anyone with a pelvic floor - whether you are currently struggling with pelvic floor dysfunction (eg. prolapse), back pain, core weakness or diastasis recti, or you are just wanting to build a comprehensive movement practice with a functional, strong core.

Lauren Restore Your Core.jpg

You will learn:

  • Common myths about the core and pelvic floor areas of your body.

  • How to train your core to be reflexive, and the role of the breath in this.

  • Habitual posture and lifestyle issues that could be undermining your core function and messing with your pelvic floor.



3-hour workshop

The toe bone’s connected to the foot bone…everything in the body is connected to everything else, so if you really want to jump off the spot-treatment, temporary relief carousel and find true wellness, you need to start with the foundations - yes, the HANDS and the FEET.

Tightness in our hands and feet wreak havoc with our hips, shoulders and neck, and we ignore them at our peril. Come get your hands and feet to move like they’re meant to, and see how whole-body exercise could be missing link for you.

classes toronto RYC.jpg

You will learn:

  • How tight and immobile your feet and hands really are.

  • Some simple mobility and strengthening exercises to sprinkle throughout your day.

  • Why fixing the foundations matters, and why shoe choice may be the biggest game-changer for your overall health and wellness.



3-hour workshop

Our bodies are not an arbitrary arrangement of muscles and bones, but a specific pulley and lever system, which, when out of alignment, can cause friction, inflammation and disease. But for most of us, our ‘normal’ posture is no longer the ‘neutral’ or optimal positioning of our body parts. And our habit of lifting the chest and pulling the shoulders back make it worse!

In this workshop, we’ll explore the bony markers on your body to understand where one body part is meant to be in relation to another.

Alignment body aches.jpg

You will learn:

  • Common myths about ‘good posture’ and how these could be hurting your body.

  • Five key biomechanical alignment points based on the boney markers of your body.

  • Why alignment matters, & when it doesn’t + some simple exercises and stretches to help you fall into better alignment.



I can speak (live or via Zoom) at your gym, office, community centre, party, etc.


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