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What is movement and alignment coaching system?

Essentially, movement and alignment coaching looks at underlying mechanical issues that may be contributing to your sore and stiff body. Our bodies are not an arbitrary arrangement of muscles and bones, but a specific pulley and lever system, which, when out of alignment, can cause friction, inflammation and disease. 

Your body hurts because your alignment is off.

I base my programs and classes on a 3-pillar ‘Get your body working better’ system:

Pillar 1. ON THE GRID
We start by understanding alignment. Using bony markers on your body, we position where one body part should to be in relation to another, so that you can start to more closely resemble the skeleton in your doctor’s office, which is in anatomical neutral. When we put you on this ‘grid’, your normal alignment may be very far from neutral alignment.

But better alignment is not easy to achieve as our very sedentary modern lifestyle and repetitive movement habits have left us with ‘sticky’ bits and limited range of motion. This means that even when we move and exercise, not all of us is moving. Some parts are working all the time, while others are ‘amnesiac’ and are totally shut off.

Your body hurts because it is ‘stuck’.

Pillar 2. ON THE MAT
Next, we work at getting all your parts to wake up and work better with simple (but challenging) exercises. The exercises restore length and build strength so that your body gets balanced and can begin to fall easily into better alignment.

You’ll learn to how wake up your feet, lengthen your calves, build a butt, broaden your shoulders, turn on your core, strengthen your bones, get a happy pelvic floor – and more.

We also uncover your movement blind spots. The way you stand, walk, breathe, sit, bend, reach, or engage your core every day may be tripping you up and causing wear and tear. Learning to repattern and retrain your movement habits gets your body working better all day long – and will help you get so much more out the exercise you love, too.

Your body hurts because it is not getting enough (or varied) movement

I’m sure you try to feed yourself healthy food. You know all about super-foods and understand that your body needs a nutritious and varied diet to stay healthy. But you are an animate being (those legs were made for walking!); your body ALSO needs nutritious and varied movement to function best!

So, the final step is exploring varied ways to use your body throughout the day so that it can get, and stay, pain-free and work even better.

It’s easy to know when you need to eat and drink because your body gives you strong signals (I’m starving; I’m thirsty). But our lifestyles have left us so sedentary and we are taught to be good ‘sitters’ from such an early age, that we can’t even hear the ‘get up and move’ signals – until we have pain.

You’ll learn how to stack MUCH more movement into our WHOLE day (at home, at the office, even in the car), without having to carve out more ‘exercise’ time. And you’ll learn to walk, squat, and hang properly – the three super-moves that your body needs to work at its best.

I exercise regularly. Do I still need movement coaching?

Yes, you do – because YOU CAN’T EXERCISE AWAY SEDENTARISM. Exercise and movement are not the same thing: ‘exercise’ is a relatively new phenomenon for people. We have the same physical makeup as our ancestors, but we barely move (exercisers move on average only 4% of the time). And when we do move, it’s in concentrated bouts, not spread throughout the day. There must be a biological tax for that.

Also, the lack of varied, all-day movement over a lifetime means our bodies have become ‘stuck’. So even when you do exercise, not all of you is moving.

Movement coaching will help you get more of your parts moving, and help you uncover your movement ‘cheats’, so you get full benefit from the exercise you love AND learn to stack more nutritious movement into your whole day. WIN-WIN.

Are the sessions covered by medical insurance?

This work is not covered by medical insurance. But the investment in your health will more than pay for itself if you consider how much you have already spent on therapeutic practitioners, medication, expensive equipment and programs, special shoes, chairs, and more. 

I see a physical therapist/chiropractor/massage therapist, etc. How is this different?

I do not diagnose or deal with any acute, rehabilitative or therapeutic conditions – that is the realm of therapeutic practitioners.

Movement coaching works best as a post-therapy program once you have the all-clear to exercise, or as a preventative program.

I am not spot treating a condition but giving you tools to be proactive and preventative so that you understand how to get your body working better to avoid pain and injury. This a whole-body, whole-life program to get you working well from the inside out.

How quickly will I see results?

Most people I work with feel some positive changes almost right away – but this is NOT a quick-fix program.

We are asking the body for change at a tissue level, and that takes time. Just think: it’s taken you this many years to get to the condition you are in now, you will surely need time for real change to happen. Movement coaching is a marathon, not a sprint – so you will need to be patient and gentle with yourself, and the program.

Who needs movement and alignment coaching?

  • Probably you, if you have foot, knee, hip, or back pain; neck tension, sore shoulders, a rounded upper back; or core, urinary or pelvic floor issues.

  • Probably you, if you’ve been sitting in a chair (working, driving, relaxing) for more than eight hours a day, most of your life.

  • Probably you, if you can’t get up and down from the floor without using your hands and knees.

  • And probably you, if you’ve been wearing shoes with a heel – ANY heel, even half an inch (that’s a man’s dress shoe!) – most of your life.

How much time will I need to spend on this?

While on the PAIN-FREE in THREE program, you will want to spend at least 20 minutes a day on your exercises.

The exercises are simple (but challenging) and get you really strong. You can also try to ‘stack’ exercises into your day so that they don’t take up extra time. For example, you can do exercises while you brush your teeth, stand in line, take calls, or watch TV.

You will also want to walk at least 20 minutes a day – but it doesn’t have to be all at once. If you are short on time, take a couple of shorter walks.

You will also want to make adjustments to your alignment and movement habits throughout the day. This takes no extra time, just some awareness.

How long will I need to keep this up for?

Movement and alignment coaching is not a quick-fix, spot treatment program: it’s a return to lasting wellness and pain-free living by giving your movement-starved body what it needs to function best and not break down on you.

My hip, back and pelvic pain do flare up when I go through periods of inactivity or have been sitting too much because I have a work deadline. But I know what to do to get my body feeling good again because I understand how my body works and what it needs.

This is a whole-body, whole-life program – so it will start to feel less like something you HAVE to do, and more like a new normal.

What equipment will I need to buy?

The equipment we use it not costly (less than $100 total) – but if you aren’t ready to buy the tools (or want to buy them over time) you can swap them out for household items! You’ll need a:

o   Half-round foam roller 30 cm/12’’(AKA half dome) [or rolled towel]

o   Bolster [or sleeping bag/bundled blankets] 

o   Yoga strap [or belt/scarf] 

o   Yoga blocks [or stack of books] 

o   Tennis ball, golf ball or pinky ball 

o   Chin-up bar [or monkey bars at your local park] 

o   Optional: Yoga Tune-Up balls

What are your qualifications?

I’m a Restorative Exercise Specialist certified by Nutritious Movement™ to teach corrective exercise. I am also a registered yoga teacher, and a certified Restore Your Core teacher, allowing me to specialize in core and pelvic floor wellness through movement.

I have been practicing yoga for three decades (I started when I was 15 and when yoga wasn’t so trendy), and have been teaching for nearly 10 years.  

My certifications require many hours of continuing education training, which is a highlight, as I love learning more and being able to offer my clients the best and most current movement and wellness practices.

Do you guarantee results?

As a movement and alignment coach, I teach and help you reach your movement and wellness goals. Your results, however, will depend entirely on your effort, your health, as well as the things you do and do not do.

I cannot guarantee any results, and I do not claim you will achieve a particular outcome by working with me.

The testimonials on this site are from real clients who have experienced my movement coaching services; but results may vary from one person to another.

Will I have to stop wearing heels?

It depends on the results you want, and how quickly you want to see change.

There is no easy way to say this – ANY positive-heeled shoe that you wear (heel positioned higher than the toes) will tip you forward from a 90-degree (neutral) position to the ground, forcing your body to make adjustments so that you look like you are standing straight. Over time, these compensations lead to injury and pain.

Sure, I like to rock a pair of cute heels for a special occasion, but transitioning to more minimal footwear is what will get you the biggest, fastest change.


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